Hi, please call me "Sully", only my mother calls me by my first name.

Hi, please call me "Sully", only my mother calls me by my first name.

To quote another photographer I am a "slash" with twenty plus professional years with a camera in my hand and a smile on my face.

I am a proud father and husband/photographer/occasional vlogger/geek cook/vintage and toy camera collector/amateur carpenter/small business owner.

I established my first my company in 2001, maintained a reputation for reliability, creativity, and commitment to excellence in all visual arts. Project manager, creative problem-solver, well-organized, self-motivated, and professional. I switched gears in 2013 to work for the U.S. Department of State in a variety of roles in Pakistan and Costa Rica. I returned to photography & video in 2017 and reestablished my business focusing on business to business photography and stock photography & video.

How did I get here?

Photography and I are like the classic college love story.

As an aimless college student, I choose photography to get that pesky art prerequisite out of the way. During the very first class, our teacher brought us into the darkroom to show us basic printing. With the romantic almost candlelight orange glow of the safe-light and the overpowering "vanilla-scented" stop bath I was mesmerized by the images appear on the paper.

Just like that, I was in love with photography. Just like any other love I switched to spending every waking moment with photography.

Fast forward twenty plus years I'm still in love with photography and just like any relationship both photography and I have changed since we met.