I would love to hear about what projects you are working. Some of my past favorite photographic projects to work on include:

Catalog and Fashion - both product and on model

Architecture; interior and exteriors including commercial structures

Custom stock photography for organizations and companies

Portraiture; family photos, and portraiture for commercial use

Commercial Advertising and Product Photography

Who doesn't I love tossing jewelry into a fish tank for a whole day? I love to do fun shoots like the above.
On on figure, off figure or a straight-up product shot, its always a joy.


I consider architecture photography a meditation of style and flow in an image. Taking the time to move products and graphic lines of a structure around to make the best of an image, a labor of love, patience, and timing.

Travel & Culture Photography

While on a quick trip outside of Islamabad we made a quick stop at a gas station along a major trucking route. We came upon a massive parking lot of the famous

With my nomadic lifestyle, I get to take photos all over the world. I truly enjoy exploring our world of cultures and landscapes through my cameras.

I sell limited edition prints. All prints are drop shipped from my printer in the US with options for framing and more. Please email me via the contact page with your requests.

Test shoots

Model Photography- I have a flat rate for model testing of $400.00(USD) for 3 looks all on location or studio, if extensive travel is required it will be billed at cost. All files will be delivered either via CD/DVD or via Drop box link. Rights are inculded for self promotion of the model or the agency only.(Does not include re-sale of images, which needs to be nogotiated seperatly).

Testing models or make-up artists is always fun. Whether you are new to modeling, a seasoned model, or a make-up artist looking to flush out your portfolio. Let's work together and improve all of our books.

I do both paid and unpaid testing. Please contact me if you have any questions.